Straßenbahn is a work-in-progress that was made during three visits to my family in Linz, Austria, my father’s country of origin. The series began in August of 2014, with two subsequent trips in 2015 and 2016. The project was born out of repeated attempts to create a photo that captured passengers aboard one of the many trams that brings them from one end of the city to another. Upon viewing the work for the first time I was immediately enamored by the numerous visual elements that were layered in each photo - shadows, light, and the frequent juxtaposition between the trams’ riders and the vinyl advertisements wrapped around the exteriors of the trains. All of these elements had coalesced to present a type of abstraction not seen in my previous work. Each of these photographs were made while standing in the same location in the city’s main plaza and pointing my camera towards the trams as they sped by. Because I was oftentimes unable to see what I was shooting through the windows of these vehicles, the editing of the photographs played a crucial role in the creation process. Though these photos might stand on their own as a series, they constitute a larger body of work made in Austria which I hope to continue in the near future.